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Our vision is for all children to read daily for a good life, a sustainable natural world, and a humanity guided by loving kindness.

Our mission is to provide free, high-quality, age-appropriate books to children who are experiencing challenges with reading and who have a low number of books in their homes, as well as youth of color, from birth to age 18. Book topics focus on:

  • moral character development
  • life sciences
  • food sovereignty
  • sustainable agriculture
  • human rights 

We envision these books as building materials that will form the integral structures crucial to developing the interior laboratory that is the beautiful mind of a child. A laboratory is a place well-equipped for experiments, research, trial and error, information-gathering, hypothesis and conclusion-making, as well as teaching. It’s where new ideas and practices are hatched. It’s where thinkers thrive in a warm embrace of learning and practice, challenges and rewards.

The mind, as it affects the body and soul, is where we hope this project will make impact.

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$20/month for your child to receive 1 high-quality, culturally-relevant, environmentally and human rights-oriented book per month. Your on-going sponsorship enables our program to support more children.

You can also donate gift cards to bookstores for Ubuntu Library children. Send to 272 Enfield Falls Rd.

Check out our books of the Month!

Kindergarten: Lola Plants a Garden

1st Grade: Ruby’s Birds

2nd Grade: The Water Princess
3rd Grade: Sulwe
4th Grade: Martin’s Big Words
5th Grade: All Are Welcome
6th Grade: Return to Sender
7th Grade: The First Rule of Punk

8th Grade: American Born Chinese
9th Grade: Little and Lion
10th Grade: Stamped
11th Grade: The Poet X
12th Grade: Farming While Black

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