Quarter Acre for the People Program

A Quarter Acre For the People 

This program seeks to provide access to local farmland for local families, particularly those in the community that are nutritionally-vulnerable. Land can be used to plant, maintain, and/or harvest perennial veggies, fruit and nut trees, and grapevines. This project involves a coordinated effort by farmers, local landowners, and communities to address issues of land access and the corresponding health disparities experienced by this community through land-sharing and perennial planting.

We invite local farms to participate in the program by donating a small piece of land to support equitable access to fresh food and fresh air through the growth of perennial fruits and vegetables. If you are interested in participating, contact us if you are interested at (707) 570-5178 or q[email protected]

Farms that chose to participate will receive support in farmwork needs from The Learning Farm and other collaborating farms!